Twitter Location based Marketing

Tweet from any location on Earth

Why location is important

Tweeting from a specific location has many advantages and uses but the main advantage is that it allows your tweets to be seen more.

Twitter itself and many other web applications allow you to search for tweets from different locations.
Tweets you send from that location will be shown in the search results increasing your exposure.

Tweets from specific locations do not have to imply they were sent from that location but could also be about that location.
This is great for businesses that want to target specific countries or towns anywhere in the world.

Location tweeting is fantastic for businesses that hold events as it enables them to send tweets from the location of that event thus targeting the local community.

For businesses that sell products in different parts of the world or want to break into a foreign market then location based tweets provide a simple method to achieve this.

This powerful feature is Location based marketing and is available via our application.

How it works
You must enable location services in your twitter account for this feature to work.

From your Twitter Profile

  • Go to Settings and Privacy
  • Select Privacy and safety
  • Select Tweet with a location

  • Selecting a location
    We have made this super easy for you.
    When creating a new tweet or editing an existing tweet simply click on the Set / View Location button and a map of the world will appear.
    Zoom and move the map as required then click on the desired location.

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