Twitter Live Search Marketing

How to Sell in real time on Twitter

The Twitter Live Search Tool

What is it?
The live search tool allows you to search for Tweets that mention specific words or phrases. So Twitter already allows you to do this right? Well yes but the feed is not live. Conduct a search on Twitter and it will notify you of new results, but not automatically display them.

Live is live
The Live Search Tool displays the latest or most recent tweets for your search terms and when new tweets arrive, they are automatically displayed without you having to click or do anything. That is a live feed.
Clever huh!

Besides being able to easily and quickly identify sales leads in real time as demonstrated below, another advantage of this application is that you can display the feed on a second monitor, completely separate from your work screen. You could even display the feed on a remote monitor so that everyone in your office or business premises can see it.

Why would I want to view tweets that mention specific words?
Well this should be obvious but if not then the basic answer is for marketing purposes.
You should identify keywords and phrases relating to the services and or products you sell and when people mention these items, you can make contact with them.

Keep within Twitter rules
Twitter have lots of rules to prevent spamming so although it would be possible to automate a reply to that tweet it is against twitter rules. If you use services that provide these features be prepared for Twitter to restrict or even delete your account.

Our Solution
Our solution is upon identifying a tweet where someone maybe interested in your business is to click on that tweet in the Live Search Feed and you will be automatically direct to the Twitter website with the focus being on that specific tweet.

Reply, Follow, RT
You can now quickly and easily interact with that twitter user by replying directly to that tweet, re-tweeting the tweet and or follow that member.

Be Selective
We do not recommend sending messages with links to every single tweet found as Twitter may mark you for spamming, but if you select tweets where it is obvious that member is looking for a product or service you provide then the likelihood of a sale increases zillion fold.


Car repair / recovery service
You see someone tweeting they have broken down so you offer to assist.
Demo search “broken down” tweet found

Computer parts sales and repair
Somebody mentions their Laptop PSU has died so you offer to send them a new one or mention you conduct onsite computer repairs.
Demo search “laptop PSU” tweet found

Something new
The searches above can include almost any product or service you care to think off. Good phrases are things like “I need a new dress, washing machine, insurance, solicitor, wife!

For the majority of the examples above you knowing the location of your customer and also them knowing your location can influence the sale.
People are generally concerned about privacy and sometimes companies even forget to set their own location in their twitter profiles.
It is thus a good idea to check a potential customer’s location first and mention your location in communication if applicable.

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