Make 'THINGS' Tweet
Display Twitter Data on Devices

If you are a Developer or Maker then you will know what this is all about and I will just inform you that our application can be integrated into devices to enable them to Tweet and Retrieve Tweets or Twitter Data.
Just contact us with your requirements.

If you do not know what this means then read on

Displays for Twitter
The most basic example of this is a Twitter Wall. A Twitter Wall is a unit that displays selected Tweets and are usually seen at trade exhibitions, shows and festivals. The data can be displayed on monitors or dedicated LED displays. Sometimes artists make huge coloured displays that are interactive dependant on Twitter activity. You might like to have a colourful display light up when you are mentioned on Twitter for your shop, cafe or office.

Things Tweet
Equally it is possible to make things Tweet. It may sound odd but there are many things that automatically tweet the weather, earthquakes and other events that may require global notifications.

There are also many fun interesting and beneficial reasons why you might like to automate the sending of a Tweet, for example.

  • You can make a Tweet Button that you simply press
  • Tweet when somebody arrives at your shop
  • Tweet when a person is detected in a specific room or area
  • Tweet when you sell a specific product

Simple to use
Our application greatly simplifies the setup and implementation of connecting to Twitter Services and eliminates the need to register an application yourself.

You can build your own devices or we can design and build devices for you.

Please contact us with your ideas.

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