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If you’re looking for bells and whistles then I suggest you look elsewhere because this is a simple no frills auto tweet web app that does nothing more or less than simply tweet for you.

Program tweets to be sent at specific times and days, automatically tweet daily and weekly.

The simple no frills design is so easy to use even your mother can program tweets.

Sweeter Tweet
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Registration is automatic, simply sign in with your twitter account, program your first tweet and that’s it. You can now go on holiday to Mars with the assurance your tweets will still be automatically sent.
Even if you die your tweets will still be sent, maybe I should devise a method to prevent this as we can’t have people tweeting from their graves can we?

Twitter is a great tool for business however if you are like me then you wont have time to keep tweeting all day and night so this app can do that for you.
Use it to keep your customers up to date with your latest business and product news. Use it to post your website pages, product pages, and news or review articles.
You will gain more followers and give your existing followers something interesting to read.

Remember this app simply tweets on your behalf to your twitter account and thus your use of this app will be subject to the same rules of twitter.
In addition if I don’t feel you are using this service in a responsible manor or I simply don’t like the look of your tweets then I reserve the right to limit or remove you from the service without warning.

Twitter has installed a number of checks before a tweet is sent; if your programmed tweet fails any of these checks it won’t be sent and marked as failed.

Duplicate entry:
You cannot post more than once the same content as your previous tweet.
This will prevent you from only programming in one tweet unless you manually tweet something different before it is sent the second time.

Spread your tweets out over the week, your followers don’t want to keep seeing you tweet the same content hour after hour.
I would advise tweeting randomly from your usual means to prevent your stream looking to predictable unless you want people to think you are a robot.
(Maybe ill add a shuffle button)

Remember this app does not have access to your twitter password or direct messages.

I am aware that you can buy vast numbers i.e. in the 1000’s of premade marketing tweets for like $5. This app as is can not import these lists and is unlikely to do so in future.
I have much bigger plans for this app :)

I am aware of a number of other auto tweeting apps; some of these are desktop programs that require a program to be installed and thus require your computer to be switched on all the time the program is auto tweeting.
This is a web based app and once you have programmed in your tweets you can turn your computer off and save some energy and money.
I have also observed a number or top auto tweet apps that automatically tweet more or less complete rubbish! This app will not do that and we strongly advise against tweeting insignificant information such as the time.

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