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Make your Internet of Things IoT Devices Tweet

Yes that’s right, you can now use our application to make your electronic IoT devices Tweet for just about any action.

Setting up and using the Twitter API to send Automated Tweets can be very time consuming and complicated, our application allows you to do this very simply without you having to register an application with Twitter.

All you need is a Twitter Account and Paid membership of Sweeter Tweet
This will allow you to send up to 2400 Automated Tweets a day from any device you choose.

The Tweet text is sent from your device to your Twitter feed.

  • You can make a Tweet Button that you simply press to Tweet.
  • Tweet when somebody arrives at your home or shop using a door sensor.
  • Tweet when a person is detected in a specific room or area with a proximity sensor.
  • Tweet whether data using Temperature, Humidity and Light Sensors.
  • Tweet when something is too hot or too cold or just moves.
  • Tweet when your washing is done or when any home automation device is programmed to.
  • It is implemented by a single call to our website like so

    When you join Sweeter Tweet you can find your unique codes on the My Account page. Text must be URL Encoded for DEVICES e.g use %20 for spaces.

    Compatible devices are literally any programmable devices that is capable of making a GET REQUEST e.g All Wi-Fi Enables Arduino, All ESP8266, ESP32, WeMos


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